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Unsafe clothing makes baby's skin and body difficult to be healthy

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
The baby’s skin is very delicate and delicate. If you don’t pay attention to it, various conditions may occur, including skin itching, erythema, eczema, herpes, diaper dermatitis, decreased sleep quality, and delayed physical development. These problems are likely to be related to clothing Security related.  The baby's skin is very thin, and the ability to resist damage is very low. The harmful substances in the clothes are more easily absorbed by the baby. The baby's skin protection layer is only 1 layer, while the adult skin protection layer is as many as 3 or even 5 layers. Bacteria can easily enter the baby's skin and cause various skin problems. In addition, many babies have the habit of chewing on clothes, especially during the oral period. Ingesting residual formaldehyde and heavy metals on clothes will increase the incidence of rhinitis or respiratory tract allergies in babies, and can cause metal deposition and even poisoning in the body. .
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