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Watch the hot mom's story, hot mom is not fighting alone

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
The hot broadcast of 'The Story of Hot Mom' u200bu200bhas set off a wave of talk about hot moms on TV screens and the Internet. What is a hot mom? Many people understand that even if you have a child, you will still be young and beautiful, and your body will remain unchanged. The children of work and family will not be delayed, wow! Hot momu003dSuperwoman In fact, in real life, I want to be a hot mom. There are many strong women, but under the huge social pressure and the increasingly unhealthy living environment, pregnancy has become a not easy task. If you want to be a hot mom, you have to get pregnant first! And once you become pregnant, various precautions follow one after another. Then, this is obviously already a protracted battle, and it's not alone. Especially in today’s poor diet, pregnant women’s diet and nutrition have become the top priority of a family. In the play, the pregnant heroine Xia Bing wants to eat spring rolls in the middle of the night, and the hero Yuan Bao ran out to buy them. The mother of yuanbao was fried again, and finally I couldn’t eat it. Why? Actually, the diet during pregnancy should be lighter and not too greasy. First, it can minimize morning sickness, and secondly, eat less seasonings such as oil and salt, and eat more natural. Additive-free foods are also helpful to children’s health. Eat less spicy foods and sweets. Seasonings should also be selected as natural and additive-free as possible. In addition, the mother’s nutritional needs during pregnancy increase, and the diet during pregnancy should be diversified and balanced. According to The nutritional needs of different pregnancy periods are formulated and supplemented with nutritional schedules to avoid malnutrition which may affect the health of mothers and Feibao.   These are all manifested in the drama. For example, the next day Yuanbao bought steamed spring rolls for Xia Bing, Yuanbao's specially selected June fresh soy sauce with no additives and rich in trace elements, and so on. The idea of u200bu200bJune Xian was originally to brew every bottle of soy sauce like nurturing life, eat June Xian during pregnancy, rest assured and healthy!    Taking care of pregnant women is a painstaking task, and it takes a lot of courage to be a pregnant woman and a hot mom. .
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