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Watch 'The Story of Hot Mom' u200bu200bfor the post-90s testimony

by:Newsoon     2021-07-31
In the Book of Rites: Confucianism, it is said: “You will be able to do what you are doing. There are those who are independent.” Mrs. Curie once said that the road must be walked by oneself to get wider and wider. Throughout the ages, all educational concepts have emphasized the importance of self-reliance and self-care. Self-reliance and self-reliance have always been an important indicator of a person's performance. So, what is true self-reliance? Don’t rely on others and live by your own labor!    Obviously, in the mouths of many public opinions, the post-90s generation who are increasingly active on the social stage today seem to be squeamish, old-fashioned, The pronoun of the glass heart, saying that they are self-reliant, don’t they stand on the cusp of the opposite of public opinion, but they really want to say that the post-90s are on the way to self-reliance and self-reliance, and they are working hard!   辣母 Xia Bing is an example . Xia Bing, played by Sun Li in the drama 'SpicyI opened my mouth and stretched out my hand. There is no sign of positive progress. However, with the twists and turns in life, I gradually grow into a wife who cares about her family and husband, and jointly bears the burden of raising children. Self-reliance is a process. Now, there are also some post-90s who have just started working and leave their parents and relatives to work in an unfamiliar environment. Can you say that they are not self-reliant enough? I once heard a post-90s who said that his current salary is very low and not enough. Eat a lot of delicacies in big cities, most of the time I go home from get off work at night to fry a plate of soy sauce fried rice for myself, but even so, I will buy good rice, soy sauce will definitely choose June fresh, because, although It's a plate of soy sauce fried rice, and the taste must be ***. Deeply moved...   I also eat June fresh soy sauce, but I just love its natural and additive-free, and never realize that it can also mean an attitude to life: young people who pursue independence, they pursue quality of life, Pursue delicious taste and strive to do everything with heart.   Post-Nine Zeros, great!
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