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What are the classifications of swimsuits?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-30

1. High waist swimsuit

Women with a slightly protruding lower abdomen should choose a high-waisted swimsuit to match the twill, which can achieve the effect of waste lifting and can also be used to divert attention and achieve the effect of the modification.

2. Skirt style swimsuit

For ladies with flat buttocks, choosing a skirt-style swimsuit is very suitable, which can visually beautify the buttocks line and show the grace of the legs.

3. Split swimsuit

It is the choice of fashionable ladies, and ladies of the good figure can choose.

4. Big V-neck one-piece swimsuit

If your breasts are plump and your waist and hips are plump, you can choose a swimsuit with a big V-neck, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise, it will affect the overall effect.

5. Bikini swimsuit

Everyone has always thought that bikinis are the patent for women with a good figure. In fact, even if you don’t have a good figure, as long as you choose a suitable bikini, you can cleverly conceal the shortcomings of your figure and show you a charming charm. (Pay special attention to style and color)

6. One-piece swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit is an insurance, classical swimsuit dress is a good choice for shy ladies.

7. Boxer swimsuit

The boxer swimsuit is more conservative, but its disadvantage is that it makes the legs look very short, so choose carefully. Boxer swimsuits are also suitable for people with thin thighs.

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