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What kind of clothes should I wear for yoga?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-27

If you want to do static anaerobic yoga such as meditation, stretching, etc., you can wear a yoga suit made of loose cotton and linen. If you practice at home, you can wear a vest or shorts. You can wear cotton short sleeves and loose sweatpants when you go to the yoga studio. It is better not to wear underwear. This is more warm and relaxing.

If you want to do high-intensity, bring aerobic yoga, including hot yoga, Atang, flow yoga, etc., it is recommended to wear a tight yoga suit made of professional sports fabrics.

On the one hand, a lot of sweat during practice can be discharged as quickly as possible, and it will not become heavier after absorbing sweat like cotton clothes.

On the other hand, tight clothing can reduce friction, so you can do some close-fitting poses. Yoga clothes made of high-quality soft fabrics can help you improve the effectiveness of your practice. The postures such as doing down-dogs, headstands, and other physical needs that are reversed, will not open the clothes and block the field of vision.

Some jumping and crossing actions also require close-fitting clothing to reduce movement resistance.

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