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What material is good for yoga clothes and how to choose?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-06

At present, the styles of yoga suits on the market are becoming more and more diversified, with different textures, styles, styles, colors, and styles. So how to choose yoga suits and how to think about how to choose the right yoga suit.

Yoga clothes are usually made of viscose fabrics because their price and warmth are a better match. Of course, the fabric made of bamboo fiber material is indeed good, but it is a little expensive because it is a pure natural environmentally friendly product.

Since we only wear clothes when practicing yoga, if it can meet our various requests when practicing yoga, I think it is pretty good yoga wear. In terms of cost performance, I personally think that the material is viscose. It's quite comfortable, and the price is moderate, around one or two hundred.

It is better to ensure that the length of the top of the yoga clothing suit does not show the belly button. The belly button is the pubic area. If you expose such an important door to the belly button and blow air-conditioning (even if it is natural wind), it is not for people who pay attention to health preservation. Ok. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone, whether you wear a longer shirt or higher trousers, be sure to cover your belly and navel. The waist and abdomen are not tight, and the trousers are drawn with drawstrings, and the length and elasticity can be adjusted. Yoga practitioners need to do inversion exercises to choose better legs.

Yoga will wick a lot of sweat, which is the key to our choice of yoga for detoxification and fat loss. Choosing a yoga clothing suit fabric with good perspiration ability can assist in the discharge of sweat so that the skin is not corroded by the toxic substances contained in the sweat; with good air permeability, the clothes will not stick to the skin when the sweat is discharged, reducing discomfort sense.

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