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What style of children's swimsuit is more suitable for children?

by:Newsoon     2021-07-02

When summer arrives, many parents can't wait to take their babies into the swimming pool or the sea, have fun and enjoy the rare parent-child time. For swimsuits, many mothers may buy them directly on the beach or in the swimming pool. However, these colorful swimsuits are not only of substandard quality, and the price is not cheap. Wise mothers must choose good swimsuits for their babies in specialty stores.

Here, let me talk about the question of 'how to choose swimsuits for children'~ If the sewing is strong, if you play in the water, the swimsuit suddenly cracks a big hole. Although the baby is still young, it is also An embarrassing thing.

Therefore, it is better for parents to sew sturdy swimsuits for their children. Little girls’ swimsuits should pay attention to the workmanship of the chest and small buttocks so that the children can play safely in the water~ Children with good contractility can play in the water When I was a child, the range of movements may be relatively large, so too tight or too loose swimsuits will not work. Fit is important.

The crotch of little girls’ swimsuits should not be too wide or too narrow, and boys’ swim trunks should not be too tight. Choosing a swimsuit with good contractility allows the child's small arms and knees to bend and swing at will, and to play freely in the water without being restricted. The swimsuit with good material and Lycra stretch fabric stretch and stretch freely, which is more suitable for babies. The swimsuit made of chemical fiber fabric may be irritating to the delicate skin of the baby. Children's swimsuits must be made of good materials. Inferior swimsuits are not only easy to deform and break, but also damage the baby's skin to a certain extent.

The material of the swimsuit is mainly spandex. Only swimsuits with a spandex content of more than 18% will not cause damage to the baby's skin. When parents choose swimsuits for their children, they must pay attention to the fabric composition labels on the clothes and buy qualified swimsuits for their babies. Simple styles Many babies like swimsuits with complex styles, and parents are also happy to choose swimsuits with beautiful skirts or strange shapes for them.

Although this kind of swimsuit is beautiful, it will become a burden to the child when it hits the water and affect physical movement. Therefore, choose swimsuits with simple styles and colorful patterns. And it is better to add a half layer of inner lining to the chest to avoid showing the bust curve after entering the water.

The color is eye-catching. During the summer vacation, there are many children playing on the beach and in the swimming pool. In order to prevent some careless parents from losing their children, choose bright and eye-catching swimsuits for the children so that parents can easily recognize them in the crowd Own baby. Fluorescent, candy, and colorful striped swimsuits are all good choices. 

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