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What style of swimsuit do you wear in the hot springs?

by:Newsoon     2021-06-11

Summer passed quietly, but the hot spring swimsuit custom bikini craze continues. There is nothing more refreshing in cold winter than soaking in hot spring water. Turning out the bikini under the bottom of the summer box, it can beautifully show the S-shaped proud curve even in winter.

Today, the Freshman Movement teaches you how to choose a bikini for hot springs, so that you can stand out from the crowd.

The thick waist split swimsuit is more suitable because this can separate the upper and lower vision, eliminating the trouble of a thick waist. For thick thighs, choose styles with skirts or flat angles to cover the thick thighs.

However, the custom-made swimsuits of hot spring swimsuits simply expose the body's defects. Thick waists and fat buttocks will appear in front of people without preservation, and it is easy to give up on themselves. Therefore, fashionable women should know how to choose swimsuits based on their strengths and avoid weaknesses. Choosing the right swimsuit can not only decorate the defects but also improve the lines and regain self-confidence.

The breasts are too big and the one-piece style is more suitable. For women with full breasts, they will always feel unfree to put on a swimsuit, and they are often afraid of running out. Without thinking about the one-piece swimsuit, it can not only lengthen the lines of the figure but also reduce the chance of getting out. The horizontal pattern can make the bust look flatter, and the combination of the two can make the lines appear more even and natural.

Legs are too thick. Choose high splits for a better fit. Women with thick legs like a player may wear some swimsuits with high splits. Although this will fully reveal the legs, it will visually make the legs look slender and make the lines more beautiful.

Big ass chooses a flat-foot style, short skirt style + exaggerated picture hot spring swimsuit customization is more suitable, if the hips are plump, you should choose flat-foot style or short skirt style swimsuit, the upper body with a more exaggerated picture can be useful Taboo the fat buttocks. Because exaggerated pictures can shift the field of vision, shorts or short skirts can effectively modify the plump buttocks and play a decorative role.

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