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What you must know about choosing children's swimwear

by:Newsoon     2021-06-17

1. Material

The material of children's swimwear is better with nylon + spandex, followed by polyester + spandex. Spandex swimwear is characterized by bright colors, comfortable wearing, fast-draining, easy to wash, and easy to dry, especially with little movement resistance. The spandex content of the international standard swimsuit is between 18%-20%, and the rebound rate of such swimsuits is better.

2. Stretch Elasticity

The stretch elasticity of swimsuits, which is the so-called 'lebruleIncluding tensile elastic elongation and chlorinated water-resistant tensile elastic recovery, the regional standard requirement is ≥70%. A good swimsuit should have very tight tension. Of course, the elasticity is not the greater the better, but the rebound and recovery are better, and it is good to be able to return to the original shape after multiple stretches.

3. Colorfastness

Refers to the resistance of the color of textiles to various effects during processing and use. Considering that children play in swimsuits in various scenes, they are especially used at the beach and in swimming pools that use chlorine-containing disinfectants.

Therefore, children's swimwear should be resistant to sweat, soaping, seawater, and chlorinated water.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the following 4 points:

1. Choose split or conjoined? In terms of style, avoid swimming suits with more stitching, because more stitching may cause the risk of opening during sports. The split style is more convenient to put on and take off than the one-piece style, and it is also convenient for children to move around. In addition, it depends on whether the sutures are dense, smooth, and round, and it is better not to rub the child's skin.

2. Do you want UV protection? The head of the delegation noticed that some children’s swimsuits had UV protection signs. The refraction of ultraviolet rays through water will be stronger. Of course, it can prevent ultraviolet rays. But the most important thing for sun protection is that the exposed area of u200bu200bthe skin should not be too large. If it is a bikini swimsuit, the sun protection effect is about no.

3. Pay attention to see if there is a lining for children's swimwear. It is better to have a lining, especially a crotch, to protect the child's delicate skin. It is better to use pure cotton as the lining material without irritation.

4. The decorations should be safe. Children's swimsuits should be careful not to bring safety hazards such as straps, zippers, sequins, and other decorations. Swimsuits with rope straps, especially the head and neck straps, may have the risk of strangulation and suffocation; the sharp zipper is easy to scratch the skin, and it has a fabric protective layer; the sequins on the swimsuit are easy to fall off and swallow, and the material composition is unknown. , Do not choose children's swimsuits with sequins.

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