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When will the confidence of domestic milk powder come?

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
Not long ago, the Silk Road Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University conducted a survey of foreign students. The 20 countries along the “Belt and Road” *** selected China’s “four new inventions” in their hearts: high-speed rail, shared bicycles, Online shopping, mobile payment app.   It turns out that many of the lifestyles that we have become accustomed to make foreigners feel envious. When China's high-speed rail has been 'sold' all over the world, and the convenience of online shopping has amazed foreigners, many Chinese people are still blindly pursuing foreign brands and products, setting off an upsurge of going abroad for shopping and purchasing.   Among them, the global 'milk powder panic buying war' of Chinese mothers is the most stunned. Moms can wipe out the 'foreign milk powder' shelves in the supermarket in an instant. Purchasing 'foreign milk powder' has also become a lucrative business, and the purchase restrictions issued by many countries and regions cannot stop this fanaticism. In an exclusive interview with Voice of China, Shi Mingde, the Chinese ambassador to Germany, said bluntly: 'One big China, if babies are supported by foreign milk powder, the whole world cannot afford China.' 'Made in China' has already entered the world. Is domestic milk powder still not thinking about making progress and staying in place?    The global 'milk powder panic buying war' of Chinese mothers: the craze for domestic milk powder that will eventually die out is trapped in the 'Tacitus trapIt is hard to clear that nine years have passed since the 2008 dairy product pollution incident. Domestic milk powder companies have been implicated in them, regardless of their merits, and have fallen into the 'Tacitus Trap.' The 'Tacitus Trap' describes that when an organization or individual loses credibility, no matter whether it is doing good or bad, or telling the truth or lies, it will be regarded by others as doing bad things or telling lies. The violation and dishonesty of some companies can easily rise to distrust of the entire industry in the minds of consumers, especially in the field of infant milk powder. No one is willing to bet on the health of their children.   No matter how the domestic milk powder industry will self-certify its quality and strengthen supervision, it will be difficult to gain the trust of mothers. In sharp contrast, the same problematic 'foreign milk powder' does not seem to affect mothers' global milk powder rush. In 2000, the milk products of Japan's Snowyin Company were found to contain Staphylococcus aureus toxin, which caused 15,000 consumers to be poisoned; in 2004, Mead Johnson milk powder in the United States was identified as a substandard product due to the excessive Enterobacter sakazakii. , Mead Johnson infant formula milk powder was urgently recalled due to the detection of metal particles...   In fact, domestic and imported milk powder should not be the best standard for mothers to choose and trust milk powder. Nutritional formula, assured quality, standardized standards, and strict The supervision and other factors are the most favored factors for mothers, and the whole domestic milk powder industry should not be beaten to death with a single stick. The domestic milk powder industry, which has learned from the painful experience, has already begun a 'turning over' in a Jedi counterattack. At present, my country's supervision of milk powder, especially infant milk powder, is far higher than the internationally accepted standards, and milk powder has become a safe food category. On July 27th, Sun Meijun, Director of Food Safety of the State Food and Drug Administration, attended the China Dairy Top 20 (D20) summit and said that China’s dairy industry has made significant progress in recent years. In 2016, the dairy product sampling pass rate reached 99.5%. The quality and safety indicators and nutrition indicators have basically reached the international level. In June 2017, the State Food and Drug Administration organized sampling inspections of 217 batches of infant formula milk powder, and the sampling inspection items were all qualified.   Rome was not built in a day. It is bound to be a long journey for the domestic milk powder industry to regain the trust of consumers. It is foreseeable that the domestic milk powder companies that eventually survive under strict supervision and legal accountability will inevitably be the essence of the big wave. Consumers will eventually pay their trust in these tried-and-tested brands.
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