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Who is in charge of baby milk powder

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
Question: Parents have selected the best milk powder based on the brand, function, and price of milk powder, but the child may not accept it. So who decides the child’s milk powder? The final decision on how to choose the child’s milk powder is not the parent, but the child. There is not much difference in the nutritional content of milk powder from regular manufacturers. In fact, parents should choose the milk powder suitable for their children according to the actual situation of the baby:    1. Infants of each age group have certain height and weight standards, as long as they are normal The growth of the child’s health indicates that the child is basically healthy.  2. Children with special physiques need special care. For example, children with asthma and skin diseases can choose soy formula milk powder; children with iron deficiency can supplement high-iron formula milk powder; preterm infants can choose preterm infant milk powder, and then change to infant formula milk powder when the weight is normal.  3. Children with diarrhea can use milk powder with anti-diarrhea formula, and children with allergies can choose milk powder with hypoallergenic formula. The basic requirements of milk powder suitable for children include: ensuring that there is no constipation or diarrhea after consumption; after the child eats, he will sleep soundly and have a normal appetite; the child has no bad breath, less eye feces, and no allergic reactions.
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