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Wow, wow, baby and children’s clothes, share with you some misconceptions about washing your baby’s clothes

by:Newsoon     2021-08-02
Washing the baby's clothes is something that almost all mothers do every day. Baby's delicate skin is sensitive to formaldehyde, bacteria, and chemicals on clothes, and long-term exposure is likely to induce skin diseases. Therefore, for the baby's 'close body' safety, mothers must pay attention to laundry. Wash your baby, mothers, did you wash it correctly?   1. Even if boiling water ironing can sterilize    diapers, underwear and other personal clothing, parents may use boiling water to iron the clothes after washing, in order to sterilize. But the concept of sterilization and antibacterial should be clarified. Even if hot water ironing can sterilize, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria when the baby is wearing it. Only clothes washed with professional antibacterial laundry detergent can control the number of bacteria in a long time. 2. Use adult laundry detergent. According to a recent survey on Sina Weibo about mothers who understand the laundry blindly, 8.5% of the parents of netizens who participated in the survey of more than 1,500 people admitted that they had “washed their baby’s clothes with adult laundry detergent”. . In fact, large and small clothes should be washed separately. In addition to the more bacteria in adult clothing, the more important reason is that the brighter, cleaner, and softer chemical additives in adult clothing can become the culprit for irritating the baby's skin.  3. No foam means rinsing clean   Parents mistakenly equated 'no foam' with 'no residue'. In fact, according to the correct amount of laundry detergent, it usually needs to be rinsed for 2-3 times. If the amount is too large, 'bleach' a few more times until the water is clear.  4. Soaking in water can dissolve formaldehyde   Most mothers soak new clothes for more than 20 minutes and then wash them. In fact, in most cases, soaking in water can only dissolve part of the formaldehyde, but not all of the formaldehyde. It is scientifically proven that low-level formaldehyde residues still threaten the health of the baby.  Search the WeChat account (kidswow) or scan the QR code below and add the kidswow official WeChat to get the latest information in time!
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