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'Xinweier' teaches you how to cultivate good learning habits for children

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
'The sun is in the sky, the flowers smile to me, the little bird said early, early, why did you carry a small schoolbag, I go to school, every day is not late, love to study and love to work, grow up to contribute to the people!' Moms and Dads , Does your baby like to go to school 'Xinweier' children's clothing teaches you how to cultivate good learning habits for children.   Failure to develop good study habits is an important reason that affects children's learning progress. Habits are formed and cultivated in the life process and education process, the main way is simple repetition and conscious practice. Mr. Ye Shengtao, an educator in my country, said: 'Education is about cultivating good habits.' Children who develop good habits, concentrate in class, take the initiative to observe and explore, have active thinking, can follow the teacher, and usually study diligently and hard. , Formed its own set of learning methods. What are the good study habits? Generally speaking, they include: bring school equipment, concentrate on listening to lectures, think independently, complete homework with quality and quantity, take the initiative to correct mistakes every day, pay attention to the oral homework left by the teacher, write well, and clean the homework Wait. Parents can use these to measure their children and see what good learning habits the child has and which habits need to be cultivated.   'Xinweier' children's clothing also wants to tell you, to give the children patient training guidance and correct evaluation. Because children have poor self-control and will involuntarily violate the code of conduct, they should adhere to positive guidance when they do not follow the requirements, praise more, criticize less, understand rationality, and persevere. In the process of helping children develop good learning habits, they must be good at discovering and affirming their progress. For those who have not done enough, they should also point out the direction and methods of hard work based on facts, so that children can learn to strictly demand themselves and continuously strengthen correct behaviors. Correct misbehavior so as to form good study habits as soon as possible.
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