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Yakult reminds that healthy eating habits need to be cultivated from an early age

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
With the rapid development of children's nutrition science and the gradual popularization of the concept of food education in China, all sectors of society have begun to pay more and more attention to the problems of children's food education and nutrition. Now we are not only pursuing the fullness of our children. Both schools and parents hope to find good and healthy ways for children to eat well through various means. Recently, the parent-child interactive program 'Where Are You Going Dad' on Hunan Satellite TV has aroused widespread public attention. In the program, children walk from the city to the countryside. The unfamiliar environment brings many surprises and happiness to the children, but every time they eat, adults and children will have trouble with. Is it so difficult to eat or we simply don't have the correct concept of food education.   In recent years, Yakult has been committed to introducing the concept of food education into China. Food education, that is, education for the cultivation of good eating habits, is as important as moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic education. Yakult advocates guiding children to pay attention to the daily reasonable diet, learn the correct knowledge of healthy diet, and have gratitude and respect for nature, food, producers and cooks, and continue this to the cultivation of the outlook on life. In order to promote the popularization of the concept of food education and deepen the understanding of food education by early childhood educators, with the support of Yakult on October 26, the school was organized by the School of Preschool Education and Special Education of East China Normal University, the Early Education Guidance Research Center of Zhabei District, and the Shanghai Education News Agency. The 'Universal Food, Healthy Intestine Creates the Future—2013 Shanghai Early Education Day Children's Food Education and Nutrition Seminar' sponsored by 'Shanghai Nursery and Child Care' magazine was successfully held in Daning Conference Center. At the meeting, Yakult discussed the concept of food education with the attending kindergarten teachers and health care teachers. Professor Ren Fazheng of China Agricultural University and Yan Zhiyan nutritionist of Shanghai National Maternity and Infant Hospital respectively presented 'Food education is indispensable, intestinal health is more important 'The wonderful speech of 'Children’s Digestive Tract Characteristics and Eating Behavior EducationThe way to cultivate the concept of healthy eating 'early' is in the morning. For the same reason, breakfast is very important for our energy supply throughout the day. Breakfast is also the 'switch' of the brain. In our country, not only a large number of adults do not pay attention to it or have no time. Eat breakfast, and many children and teenagers do the same. Skipping breakfast can cause many serious problems, such as digestive system diseases, arteriosclerosis, and obesity. It has a greater impact on growing children and severely affects brain development. Therefore, children should be used to eating three meals a day from an early age to form healthy eating habits and grow up happily and healthily. 'Early' recognition, balanced nutrition is the most important thing. Many children don't like carrots, soy products, and vegetables. They are not interested in them. After a long time, they develop partial eclipses and picky eaters. Such foods are often rich in nutrients and Dietary fiber can effectively promote digestion and absorption in the intestines and ensure the nutrients needed for body development. Teachers and parents can use interesting game forms such as storytelling and competitive answering to inform children of the source, production method, and nutritional value of food before they have a deep-rooted partial ecliptic habit of a certain food, so that they can be interested. ,Develop good habits. 'Early' guidance, appropriate supplement of probiotics  At the moment when food traps and temptations are flooded, too many non-natural ingredients and chemical additives make food lose its original flavor and endanger health. Parents should inform their children of the dangers of unhealthy foods when they first come into contact with them. It also teaches children how to choose healthy foods. For example, supplementing with proper amount of probiotics after meals can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis. Live probiotics can reach the intestinal tract and help regulate the intestinal flora. Therefore, parents should pay attention to guiding their children to establish correct dietary concepts, understand and respect food, and cultivate a healthy lifestyle for their children on this basis, which will benefit their children throughout their lives. As we all know, children are the future of the country, and children’s health is the cornerstone of the future. For this reason, as Yakult who hopes to bring health to all mankind, it will always be committed to the popularization and education of food education and probiotics for children. Contribute to your health, happiness and growth.
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