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Yinchuan baby products merchants have prepared in advance

by:Newsoon     2021-08-06
The central government decided to start the implementation of the separate two-child policy. If one of the spouses is an only child, they can have a second child. Although Ningxia has not yet issued a timetable, it has attracted widespread attention from the society. Many citizens said that once the policy is introduced, they will have a second child. The liberalization of the single two-child policy also has a direct impact on some industries. No, many baby and child products businesses in Yinchuan have begun to sign more supply agreements with suppliers and launch new publicity and momentum plans.   In June this year, the population and family planning report provided by the Yinchuan Family Planning Commission showed that in the first half of 2013 (November 2012 to April 2013), women of childbearing age increased by 1.67% year-on-year. The total fertility rate of women of childbearing age is calculated according to the birth rate of the population and family planning report. From 2010 to 2012, they were 1.24, 1.27, and 1.37 respectively, showing an upward trend year by year. With the natural growth of Yinchuan’s population and the adjustment of the fertility policy of “Shuangdu” (both husbands and wives are only children, they can apply for another child), the total population of Yinchuan City is increasing, and the scale of women of childbearing age is gradually expanding, forming a “ 'Two peaks are superimposed'This time, the liberalization of the single two-child policy will greatly increase the number of newborns in Yinchuan in the next few years.' Wu Xumei, the head of infants and pregnancy products in Xinhua East Street, told reporters that the new policy The introduction will promote the development of the Yinchuan infant and pregnancy product market, and the consumption of infant and pregnancy products will be greatly increased. She plans to contact more infant and pregnancy product manufacturers to cooperate and provide more brands for Yinchuan citizens to consume. Chen Linlin, a salesperson in a baby and pregnancy product store in Phoenix Commercial Plaza, told reporters that the person in charge of the store had already opened a mobilization meeting on the 17th and worked out a detailed plan. Two branches will be opened next year to prepare for the consumption of baby products.
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