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Ying's children's clothing, the first step of 'Bright Life'

by:Newsoon     2021-08-01
Everyone has their own 'brilliant lifeAt the same time, Ying's children's clothing is also a symbol of maternal love, just like the maternal love in the TV series 'Bright LifeMaternal love is the most precious and the greatest. This is unquestionable, just as the protagonist Li Qin once said that his drama has entered the 'emotional burst periodQin was so touched that he couldn't extricate himself from the play. As the plot gradually became clear, mother Yu Yue, who used Yu Fei as a tool for revenge, began to reflect on her behavior, and Yu Fei, who 'unknown the truth. Li Qin and Yang Yuting talked about the plot in the play and heard Yang Yuting say 'I should die in the finale.' Even though it was outside the play, Li Qin still reflexively stopped for two seconds while eating, feeling sad and painful. 'If my mother really dies in the play, I will definitely cry to death, crying heartily,' Li Qin said.   It is precisely because of the high quality and meticulous design of Ying's children's clothing that it has a good reputation in the baby products industry, and the image of the specialty store also gives people a warm, elegant, stylish and simple impression. Therefore, when the shooting crew of the popular urban inspirational drama 'Bright Life' was shooting at Shanghai Yueda 889 Plaza, they found that the Ying's store was in line with the needs of the plot, so they selected it as the filming location.  Happy, Dream, Care, Health, Comfort, Growth... Happiness, dreams, care, healthy and comfortable growth constitute all of Yingshi YEEHOO. For a long time, the British people always keep in mind the brand slogan of 'Caring for the baby, caring for the mother' and the core concept of 'Environmental protection and healthThe selfless spirit of maternal love gives more care to future masters. On the way forward, Yingshi YEEHOO has always been committed to innovation, excellence and development! Today, Yingshi children’s clothing has become a well-deserved *** in the baby industry with product strength, brand power, and channel strength that other brands can’t match. Pioneer and explorer!    China’s high-end and professional full-product infant and toddler brand has always been the core positioning of Ying’s children’s clothing. The brand concept provides Baby with a world-class quality life. As the 'baby's first skin'International fashion' Yingshi YEEHOO outerwear, while insisting on 100% pure cotton material, integrates international popular elements in design, and highlights the world quality of Yingshi outerwear in details; Yingshi YEEHOO lathe will always Safety is the first priority. It is the first high-quality baby product brand in China to pass the eight European heavy metal detections, providing safe and convenient lathe supplies for babies and parents.   'Bright Life' brings a touch of bright color to Ying's children's clothing, and the 'brilliant life' of Ying's children's clothing has just begun!
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