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Yixintang said: The choice of milk powder should be safe and nutritious

by:Newsoon     2021-08-05
Ruan Hongxian, Chairman of Yixintang, stated that Hongxiang Yixintang, as a leading company in the pharmaceutical retail industry in China, always takes 'improving human health' as its mission. The safety of infant milk powder is related to the health of the next generation of the nation. 'We It is an unshirkable responsibility to take up this responsibility!”    It is reported that Yixintang’s current milk powder brands are internationally renowned brands. At this stage, they mainly include Swiss Nestlé, American Wyeth, American Mead Johnson and Dutch Runbei. In the future, they will gradually introduce some safe and reliable milk powder brands. Domestic milk powder brand. These brands all have good market reputation and consumer base in the market. Ms. Fu, the store manager of Yixintang News Road, said that milk powder has already been put on sale in the store. Although there are not many buyers at present, many consumers have consulted.
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