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Yoga mat 6 big truth

by:Newsoon     2021-01-31

1。 Yoga mat better use what material?

when choosing and using a yoga mat, we tend to think that only the thickness and size, actually otherwise, the material of yoga MATS have several kinds, the performance of different materials and different experience.

the yoga mat of material on the market there are five major types of NBR ( Nitrile rubber) 、TPE( Thermoplastic elastomer) , rubber, PU rubber ( Carbamic acid polyester) 、PVC( Polyvinyl chloride) 。

NBR material of yoga mat: good abrasion resistance, but poor skid resistance and elasticity, on account of the material may be used in the process of machining to the calcium oxide ( The quick lime) As a filling agent, if there is no good control, the proportion of calcium oxide produced yoga mat may cause skin irritation or burns.

the NBR material yoga mat relatively lower price, is more suitable for beginners.

rubber yoga mat, resilience, durability, skid resistance are good, but if the hands and feet sweat, prevent slippery effect will be significantly reduced. This kind of material of mat although taste very heavy and not easy to remove, but it is safe.

the PU material is mainly used in artificial leather, sofa, car direction this film, such as the material of yoga mat absorbing water permeability, prevent slippery effect is good, even if in the process of sports sweat, have water, also can effectively prevent slippery.

but PU rubber mat is polyurethane (PU) film surface and high temperature rubber base joint of yoga MATS, the price of the yoga mat of this material is very expensive, and easy to absorb dust, afraid of oil, difficult to do, yoga is not recommended to choose the small white the ~

yoga MATS PVC material is in gradually eliminated by the market, the yoga mat tear resistance and flexibility are very poor, use for a long time is easy to slag. In this review, unexpectedly also has 2 paragraph is PVC material: gepson and DECATHLON/DECATHLON.

the material PVC yoga MATS, also because of its 'foam' link in the process of production, will have the flavor of the foaming agent, gepson samples have obvious 'smell'.

2。 Yoga mat size is more appropriate?

yoga mat usually have 173 cm * 61 cm and 183 cm * 61 cm two kinds of size, the size is fine for most people.

on the market, of course, there are also many extended widened, beginners can according to need to choose the suitable size.

3。 Yoga mat as thick as possible?

it is said that high-end yoga master, is not a yoga mat, because yoga is all about control of her body, so the practice of the higher grade, may the thinner mat. The thinnest NIKE/NIKE samples, only 3 mm, not recommended for beginners use; The thickest is the meaning of the sample, there are 15 mm, the thickness of the mat is not suitable for yoga, fitness mat and should do.

some sports experts suggest that beginners try to choose 8 mm thickness of yoga MATS, then you can use the international standard thickness of 6 mm cushion; 10 mm or thicker, yoga mat is not recommended because of the mat is too thick, it will affect the balance of the body, is not conducive to practice.

4。 Both sides of the yoga mat to prevent slippery?

because yoga sports has a lot to balance the posture, and movement in the process of movement of the body will be sweating a lot, if poor anti-skid effect on the surface of the yoga mat, is likely to affect the accuracy of the action. If the hands and feet skid when do some difficult moves, there will be a big security hidden danger, if not enough grip of yoga mat, also have these problems.

5。 Good elasticity soft mat?

for many yoga small white, soft cushion on comfortable, this kind of mat also often mistakenly assume that as a practice is appropriate.

if the mat is very soft and no elastic, the movement is not comfortable. Imagine in the process of movement, the pit of the mat for a long time can't return to normal, it is also called 'ergonomic'? Several common material

the yoga mat, the worst is the elastic PVC yoga MATS, even with those marketers what 'slow rebound memory', also don't wash white it less elastic characteristics.

feel gepson on deep 'imprinting' :

rubber, PU rubber, TPE yoga mat material, elasticity is relatively better, the assessment of TPE material cushion performance also is pretty good.

6. Can crawl when children yoga mat mat?

for many people, have a nice doll practice with parent-child yoga is a good thing; Even if the child still small, let him/her on the mat play climbing is kill two birds with one stone, namely children and keep close contact, also solved the crawl home shall have to put a mat of trouble.
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