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Zhuo Weile children's clothing shares with parents the precautions for purchasing children's clothing

by:Newsoon     2021-08-03
When shopping for infants and children's clothing, Zhuoweile children's clothing tells parents how to choose. Cotton and natural fiber-based fabrics should be used. Such fabrics are soft, breathable and moisture-absorbing, which are beneficial to the health and safety of infants and children. When purchasing baby and children's clothing products, the color of the fabric should be light-colored. 1. Check whether there is a Chinese mark on the product and its packaging, and indicate the manufacturer's name and address, product name, product number, fiber content of the raw materials used, washing method, product standard number, product quality grade, etc., and whether there is product quality Inspection certificate.   2. Open the package and check whether the selected product has surface defects or damages that affect the appearance. You can pull it at the seam to see if it is disconnected.   3. Check whether there is a pungent smell or peculiar smell. If there is a pungent odor, it may be due to high formaldehyde content; other odors also have an impact on health.  4. Choose clothes with a wider opening or open collar and looser clothes for children to move around freely.   5. When washing, the dark and light-colored products should be washed separately according to the washing instructions marked on the product. Baby products should not be washed with adult clothes to avoid cross-contamination.  6. u200bu200bChoose finely crafted clothes to ensure that buttons, straps, etc. do not fall off easily, so as to avoid accidents such as accidental injury by infants eating by mistake.
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